The Social Education

Hello everyone!   Welcome back to my blog.   Have you ever wondered how much has digital media changed our lives than just giving us facilities like What’s app, Facebook and Instagram?   Digital media has definitely given us a broader platform to socialise from one part of the world to other, has helped us […]

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Does Water Reflect Better?

  Hello everyone! Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2019! For all those wondering why am I being so philosophical with my blog post title, this blog is a written reflection for the assignment task that is asked at my University. The actual content of my topic for today can be heard in […]

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With or Without?

Wondering what the title means? With or Without what? How do you believe you get happiness alone? I am sure those are lot of questions to think of very quickly. Clearly, I mean to ask- Do you really need anything specific or any company to be happy? I personally vote for NO! Let me tell […]

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Name game is Fame

What do you think will be the new ‘BIG IDEA’ for brands to promote themselves? The most famous trend for a brand is being endorsed on social media by influencers and micro-celebrities. But do you know how does this work and how much money is involved in this trend? According to Pixlee, social media influencers […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Well as the title says, totally suggested by word press for my first blog. My journey REALLY begins. I have absolutely no idea how to start, however, as Adam Brown, my unit chair says ‘learn by doing’ is something I’m going to imply over this. You’re definitely lost to what you’re […]

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