The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Well as the title says, totally suggested by word press for my first blog. My journey REALLY begins. I have absolutely no idea how to start, however, as Adam Brown, my unit chair says ‘learn by doing’ is something I’m going to imply over this.

You’re definitely lost to what you’re reading. Let me give you a brief idea. I am Indian residing in Melbourne, Australia. I am born and bought up in Mumbai, which is called ‘the city that never sleeps’, India. I finished my Bachelors of Mass Media from R.D National college, Mumbai. Started working and simultaneously enrolled myself for Masters of Arts in Literature, finished one year and flew to Melbourne to start Masters of Communication at Deakin University.

I am doing a unit called ‘Social Media principles and practices’, (so now you probably relate to what I mentioned before?) and guess what I am primarily supposed to do? BLOG!

This is my first blog, hence I am going to introduce myself more and my background with media.

Never did I imagine writing a blog.

When the trend of blogging started, a lot of my friends, mentors, family friends from the communication industry did insist on me to start writing a blog irrespective of having a mass audience or not. Well, I never agreed to them, kept dragging the idea of blogging and now I think, better late than never, I’m actually going to start my own blog, WHAT?!?!

I told my friends that I have a unit to study upon ‘Blogging’ and I will be starting a blog. The two word reply that I receive is, “SAYS WHO?” in a tone that I’m still joking around and will never seriously do something like that. But hey? You’re reading this, aren’t you?

They told me start writing your opinion, start writing what you feel, read blogs writing by others and eventually you will develop the habit of the style of writing blogs! How funny is it that I’m going to write about blogs in a blog 😛 (You may tend to understand this in my next blog)

I’ve roughly planned how my blog should be, but you never know how well will it turn out to be. I’ve lately been very addicted and curious to know about how brands have revolutionised their social media brand awareness and promotional tactics. This is something I would love my readers also to know. It’s interesting as well as having knowledge about the latest trends in the digital and virtual world is a good thing, isn’t it?


Oh by the way, in the picture above, I’m wearing a Diwali (festival of lights, India) collection exclusive print wrap-around skirt from FlipKart. Absolutely loved all the styles from the collection and this one’s my favourite!

I’ll be sticking around this topic in my upcoming blog posts, do give a read 🙂

Also what do you think about the quote by Izaak Walton below? My readers are going to be my good company, aren’t they?

Do like, share and comment your thoughts!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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