Name game is Fame

What do you think will be the new ‘BIG IDEA’ for brands to promote themselves?

The most famous trend for a brand is being endorsed on social media by influencers and micro-celebrities. But do you know how does this work and how much money is involved in this trend?

According to Pixlee, social media influencers and micro-celebrities are social media users who have developed credibility and a huge fan following or audience. These social media platforms include the most famous apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you are a social media user, you must have definitely come across promotional posts of brand products. Have you ever wondered why does that happen to you? As Buffer explains:

  • You have searched about a particular product of a competitive brand multiple times
  • You or your close friends have searched for the same brand
  • A new viral trend has been started by the brand and you are a part of the target audience


I conducted a poll on Twitter and this clearly does not say “NEVER”.

For influencers, Instagram is the most engaging social media platform as the graph suggests on Convince&Convert. Instagram was essentially launched as a photo sharing app and slowly turned into a platform where brand promotion started. What if thousands of influencers spoke about the same brand and same product? Will it not change your opinion about the product? Branding industry comes under the top 50th percentile and is growing like a BOOM in both, social media engagement ratio and audience growth in the digital world suggests TrackMaven.


shivani 3
Photography by Nikita Asrani // Heels from: Forever21


As I always mention, like in my bio, I love creating media but am too shy to put it out to the world. I strongly assume, if I was half as active as the most active social media influencers out there, I would probably be one of them creating brand promotion content. Better late than never, now is the start.



The trend of Social Media influencers is expanding because what their activities can do, the brands can never achieve. The brand will always remain a formal organisation or a company in the consumer’s eye and an influencer will be just another consumer but as a role model who has knowledge of brands and fashion and can guide well.


shivani 2
Photo clicked by Nikita Asrani // Heels from: Forever21


All the social media influencers do is, showcase the product by using them in the video or wearing them in the picture and post it on Instagram or other social media platforms.  All they tell you is what the product is, why do they love it so much and where can you buy it from. No sales pitch, no marketing, no direct purchases pressure.


shivani 4
Photography by Nikita Asrani // Boots from: Forever21


Oh wait, do you think this only is limited to products and brands? Not at all., an American video creating social networking app until early August, 2018 which is now rebranded as TikTok, is used for creating 15 seconds music or dialogue dubbed videos with in-app editing features.



Well, music promotion is also a thing now. Drake’s new song, In my feelings  became a viral challenge which was started by an Instagram Comedian, (micro-celebrity) Shiggy. Millions of users posted the video of them dancing on this song  and so did I. Would you believe if any one still does not know of this song? If you didn’t, well now you do.


Kally A. Lavoie in her article ‘Instagram and branding’ says the goal of branding is to create an emotional connection between a company and its consumers’. Influencers reach out to their fans and followers to do the same. They intend to create an emotional connect with their followers to promote brands. TikTok has turned out to not only be an application for entertainment and content creation but these influencers have also turned brand ambassadors for brands who directly contact them to publicise their products or the brand name.

In my unit chair, Adam Brown’s podcast, Kirsten Varela suggests there is always a planning to what the influencers post, the time and the content on the caption. An influencer does not need millions of followers. If followers in thousands are also influenced in the positive way, the influencer is successful in doing their job.

With this trend being such a Number 1 success platform for Brands, as Business Insider says, I do not think brands will be thinking about anything new but thoroughly practicing the social media influencer space for sure. And so, as my blog title suggest, name game definitely provides fame.

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9 thoughts on “Name game is Fame

  1. I liked the content and you need to make videos on YouTube to speak about your own self and it was really informative talking about new brands.I think a blog on google is not appropriate you need to make it on word processor and send it by messaging people. So that you get more greetings about the blogs.


    1. Hi Vishesh, Thank you for your feedback. The blog is put up with certain criteria of my assignment, here for my university in Melbourne, hence could not be too flexible with more content, videos or the choice of WordPress. However, I am glad you liked my content, thank you.


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