With or Without?

Wondering what the title means?

With or Without what?

How do you believe you get happiness alone?

I am sure those are lot of questions to think of very quickly. Clearly, I mean to ask- Do you really need anything specific or any company to be happy? I personally vote for NO!

Let me tell you what my guilty pleasure is. I enjoy spending some quality time with none other than myself. Not that I do not enjoy socialising but I feel comfortable and happy when I am alone.

Don’t worry if all your friends are busy on your free day. I am going to list below the top 3 things that I have done or that I would love to do when I am alone.

Drooling over a cup of hot coffee on a rainy day, sitting right beside the window pane is my kind of a day. No phones, no modern technology around me but some soothing music that synchronises with the weather. I don’t think anyone else understands my emotion more than this cute doggie (Pun intended).

12810298 - dog with headphones listening to music
Quiet dog by Ilmicrofono Oggiono (CC by 2.0)

At times when my day has not been productive as I wanted it to be or have had a bad day, one can only think of calling it a day immediately. Do you still think I should talk to someone to share about my bad day? Absolutely no! I love to play around, twist the day and end it with a sweet note (Literally!). I have a sweet tooth and binging over desserts after dinner is my favourite thing to make the day end just right and my way!

Cake chocolate desserts by Pixabay (CC0 1.0)

Another day that I would like to mention is recently I had a terrible day at work and guess what I planed to do after I got back home? Explore a Christmas festival celebration! It was an impromptu plan and I happened to see the event description online which was just 5 mins drive from where I reside. Most of the time I admired the decoration that was done at the venue and I must say it was a very different experience. The venue was so beautifully decorated and executed with the message that we should have ‘Peace on Earth’. This made me realise that there are so many things out there to do, volunteer for and be a part of where you can make others happy and make peace.

Hollywood Studios
Peace on Earth by H. Michael Miley (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Well, here are some things that I have narrated on my personal experience. Do comment below with other activities that you would have done or have already done in your leisure time alone!

Have a wonderful day and all you readers shall see me next week with another blog and a new trendy topic!



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